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I am retired and live in Wales. I am constantly learning new digital technology and techniques, and offer this service from the comfort of my own home as a hobby and passion.

I am not a large professional business, but offer a chance to bring some life back to some old and/or damaged photographs.

Negatives, transparencies or moving film , cine or Pal VHS, I will recapture digitally. For those special memories or events worth keeping and burned onto CD/DVD for digital playback.

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I can work on any media format, from any era of photography. Photographs can take hours of work to correct to make them look better. Please note: Not every photographic print can be restored to perfection and is restricted to size supplied on reprint.

I can scan and transfer almost any film format onto a blank CD/DVD Disc digitally, from single frame photographic film upto moving images. 35mm to 5" x 4" sheet film, or from Cine Film to Pal VHS Video cassettes.


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  • Photo Restoration: £10-£25 per photo. £5 per extra photo print.
  • Slide Transfer, 35mm to medium format: £0.40 per slide.
  • 35mm film negative to 120 roll film: £0.40 per frame.
  • VHS conversion: £8 SP-£10 LP ea.
  • Cine Film: £10 per film.
  • MiniDV conversion: £8 SP- £10 LP ea

All prices include transfer to CD\DVD. £3.00 minimum charge applies to all orders.

Postage will be added to all orders.

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All medium except actual Photograph Restoration will be converted and transfered to CD/DVD.

WMV for moving images/sound.

All images will be converted to JPEG

All payments handled by Paypal.


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