Photo Restoration

  • 1 Photo £7.50 - £25.
  • Re-prints £5 per Photo

I can restore faded photos back to their former glory,and sometimes improving on the actual composition. This is the most common form of degradation in old photos.

Damage from sunlight, fire, water, mould, or damage done by people (i.e. pen/ink marks, tears) can be restored.

I can correct colour, contrast, enhance saturation, remove dust spots, repair tears, remove stains and correct areas of severe degradation.

Please note: Any Original Image supplied is left untouched. It is digitally scanned and this digital image is what I work on.



VHS to DVD Transfer

  • 1 VHS Tape SP £7.50.
  • 1 VHS Tape LP £10

You only pay for the tapes that I am able to transfer. No charge for blank or tapes that are too damaged.

I can scan and transfer almost any film format onto a blank CD/DVD Disc digitally.


Slide Transfer

  • Slide Transfer, 35mm to medium format: £0.40 per slide.
  • 35mm film negative to 120 roll film: £0.40 per frame.

Do not let your beautiful memories of the past go unseen, I can scan your old 35mm slides, and larger formats, including Kodachrome and Fujichrome, and send them back to you as JPEG files compatible with any PC/MAC and most Digital Media Phones and platforms.